Returning to work after having a baby can be overwhelming. There’s so much to think of – childcare, schedules and even your wardrobe choices. Your body has done an amazing thing in creating a new life and so the clothes choices you make now need to reflect this.

Australian label Isle of Mine has put together this guide to help you sail through your return to work, helping you pick out a working mum’s wardrobe that will flatter your body, and also give you the confidence to get back and rule the office.

Start with the basics
A basic tank lets you build layers

Structure is even more important once you’ve had a baby. Get yourself fitted for your new bra size, which will have changed throughout your pregnancy. If you’re nursing or expressing breastmilk, invest in nursing bras that clip and unclip easily or try a nursing cami which is a great practical choice. 

A longer length basic tank is also a good option to wear as a layer to build on. Available in bisque and ivory, this versatile piece is made from hard wearing 100% viscose, so can be thrown in the washing machine time and time again!

Capsule wardrobe working mum
Complete your look with a statement jacket

Go for easy mix-and-match pieces so you don’t have to think too hard about looking good in the mornings. Start your working mum’s capsule wardrobe with some comfy pants like these Daydreamer leggings in black. Perfect for the more dressed-down workplace, their elasticated waist means you’ll stay comfortable all day. 

Or for more formal settings, a Dawn skirt in onyx is as comfy as it is smart. Throw in a selection of simple tops like the Mama Frill t-shirt with its generous proportions. and a statement jacket like this stunning piece in saffron, to pull the look together and you’re good to go!

Express yourself
Express yourself in florals

The Eternity shirt in Wildflower is perfect if you’re pumping breastmilk at the office. Its buttons allow easy access while its vibrant pattern will disguise any leaks or spills. It also has great coverage of your tummy and bum areas, so is perfect for your changing body. 

And if you need a bit of extra help on days when you get covered in baby’s breakfast just as you leave the house, slip on this eye-catching Shag vest that will cover any spills and stains and simply style it out!

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise
Add a pop of colour to your outfit

Accessories are going to be your friend now that you’re a working mum. Our Wanderlust scarf in plum will add a pop of colour to your outfit and can be worn either around the neck or as a hair tie. 

Chances are your little one will still be keeping you up at night, so you’ll need something to give your tired complexion a lift. The shimmering gold tones of our Eve earring in saffron will brighten your face and make you feel that little bit more special as you strut your stuff at work.

Don’t forget the don’ts

We’ve run through the dos – now for the don’ts! Comfort is key so avoid pants with tight waistbands, for example, that are going to make you feel restricted.

Another big no-no is 'dry clean-only'. Choose fabrics that are easy to machine wash and need only the lightest ironing – you already know that, what with juggling a baby and work, you simply don’t have time for a high-maintenance wardrobe!

Side-step colours that are going to drain the natural bloom from your face – it’s likely you’ll still be sleep-deprived so experiment with vibrant colours like hot pink, teal and gold to give you a boost.

And remember – work style after maternity doesn’t have to be mumsy – it can be as fun and funky as you like!

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Alexa Christodoulides