As a firm fashion favourite, maxi dresses adorn the wardrobes of women throughout Australia. Although they're most commonly worn during the summer, it only takes a little fashion ingenuity to wear beautiful maxi dresses throughout any season. If you're ready to build your collection, it's time to take some maxi dress styling tips from the Isle of Mine team.

Add Statement Accessories for a Whimsical Look

If you want to make your stylish maxi dresses look even more enticing, try adding some statement accessories for a whimsical look. Your accessories should start with jewellery. Aim for large earrings in bold colours that'll draw attention to your face. Couple your efforts with an up-do that shows them off.

If you're trying to keep things casual, try a pair of slip-on sandals with a bow. While helping you stay comfortable, your sandals will contribute to your maxi dress's summery feel. Just don't forget to paint your toenails.

Add a Belt to the Mix

If you have a large belt that you adore, now's the time to break it out. By adding a belt to your maxi dress, you accentuate your waist and flaunt your curves. With this one simple accessory, you can create a truly bohemian look.

Belts are also perfect when wearing maxi dresses for short women. If your dress is slightly too long, gather some of the fabric and raise it over the belt before tightening it. With the right approach, you can broaden your maxi dress collection and avoid dragging the fabric on the floor.

If you love the idea of wearing a belt to make your maxi dress shorter, but you want to be discreet, try a thinner belt instead. You can gather enough fabric to mask it while still wearing your favourite dress.

Wear a Maxi Dress with a Jacket

If you own a maxi dress that looks a little bit plain on its own, dig through your wardrobe to find one of your favourite jackets. Combining a maxi dress with a jacket is a great way to wear one during the cooler months. If you want to keep things casual, try denim or cotton.

Alternatively, you can wear a tailored jacket to create a slightly more formal appearance. With a suit-style jacket, your maxi dress can be transformed from everyday casual wear to the perfect date night outfit.

If the winter months are fast upon you, look into chunky knit cardigans instead. In addition to making your maxi dresses more stylish, they'll help you stay cosy.

Style it with a Headscarf

If the thought of turning your beautiful maxi dresses into super-chic outfits appeals to you, grab your favourite scarf and get creative. Rather than wearing it around your neck, though, it's time for you to tie it around your head.

Styling your maxi dress with a headscarf comes with lots of benefits. In addition to bringing colour to plain dresses, you'll be striking a vintage look. Even better still, your headscarf is perfect for wearing between washes, or you can use it to cover up a bad hair day.

Wearing a headscarf during the summer is also a stylish way to keep sunburn at bay. When those hot days come to an end, your scalp will thank you for your efforts.

Grab Your Gladiator Sandals

Whether you're heading to a wedding or you want to spend a day at the races, sometimes you won't feel like wearing heels at a formal occasion. Fortunately, there's a way to keep your feet comfy without looking too casual.

With an elegant pair of gladiator sandals, you can accessorise your stylish maxi dresses so they look perfect for the occasion ahead. To make the most of this look, make sure you choose gladiator sandals that have as much detail as possible. Try to match the sandal colours with your dress to achieve style perfection.

If wearing gladiator sandals all day feels too casual, slip a pair into your handbag instead. The best maxi dresses for women are always brought to life with large totes, plus they act as the perfect place for hiding comfortable footwear.

Aim for Vibrant Patterns

Build your collection of beautiful maxi dresses by choosing vibrant patterns. When you want to stand out from the crowd, a bold and beautiful maxi dress is the perfect way to do so. You have an opportunity to experiment with patterns you wouldn't usually wear, especially during the summer.

If you're heading to a festival, try paisley for a vintage look. Paisley patterns are ideal for when you want to emulate the trends of previous decades, without saying goodbye to your usual modern cuts.

At Isle of Mine, we have a stunning collection of maxi dresses for women. If you love what you see in our range, but you have some questions, contact us now.

Alexa Christodoulides