Summer is on the way, and this means slipping into summer skirts! There are dozens of women's summer skirts to choose from, and we're going to help you pick out the styles that help you look and feel fabulous. You can dress them up for a formal event or for office chic, or you can dress them down for a casual and fun vibe. Whatever you want, we'll help you find the perfect style!

Why Skirts are a Summer Staple

Summer and women's skirts go hand in hand. Not only are they comfortable, but the right summer skirt is extremely versatile. You can easily make it an elegant and sophisticated look with the right accessories, top and shoes. With both patterns and solid colours available, a summer skirt is many people's go-to outfit. They'll keep you fresh and cool as well, which is super important during those hot Australian summer days. With Isle of Mine, you'll set the tone for an easy, breezy spring and make a fashion statement whether you're dressing for day or night.

Types of Women's Skirts

Browse Isle of Mine to discover the different types of female skirts from which to choose this Spring. You could select several different types to allow you to convey a different vibe, according to how you're feeling. As a result, you'll achieve a host of different wardrobe options. With that in mind, we're here to help you! Our favourite women's skirts that help you beat the Australian heat include:

Split Skirts

Split skirts are fantastic style choices for someone who wants a more floating and feminine look while keeping a slight risque edge. These skirts are usually longer in the back with a tiered design at the front. The style allows you to show off your shoes and a little leg without being too short for office-wear. Whether you choose a solid colour or a feminine floral pattern, you'll get a stunning look and feel.

Isle of Mine features gorgeous floral patterns in both light and dark tones that can enhance your outfit and add a feminine flair to an everyday look. Pair a split skirt with the perfect slides or wedges to complete your look.

Mini Skirts

A favourite flirty women's summer skirt is the mini skirt. This is the ultimate party ensemble that allows you to get a cool vibe. You can easily pair a mini skirt with a floaty top to create a whimsical look, or it will coordinate equally as well with a layered look. Simply add tights and your favourite t-shirt for a touch of originality. Wear a mini skirt to a party; dare to add a pop of colour and an edgy look to your everyday wardrobe. However you choose to wear it, you'll feel right at home in this iconic female skirt.

How about adding a hot accessory or two, like a statement necklace or a bright pair of earrings? You'll take your look to a whole new glamorous level. You'll be ready to party the night away and light up the dance floor with the girls every night of the week with this fun summer skirt choice.

Wrap Skirts

Maybe you want a more slimming women's skirt that enhances your waist and ends with a flirty hemline. If so, a wrap skirt or two should have a place in your summer wardrobe. This shorter skirt is a gorgeous garment that comes in classic and chic white, royal navy or vivid rogue. You can add other bright colour choices to make yourself stand out from the moment you enter the room, or you can create a sleek look by using classic colours.

It's an excellent way to create that sought-after hourglass look. A pair of strappy shoes will make your legs seem endless. You can easily transition from day-time professional to night-time party girl with minimum effort, which makes it a versatile piece to include in any summer wardrobe.

Long/Tiered Skirt

Isle of Mine has longer and tiered skirts that add a professional flair to any wardrobe. You're able to rule the office and look fabulous from the moment you slip it on until you walk out the door at the end of the day. You can mix and match them with blazers, blouses and other types of tops to create a powerful wardrobe that you can't wait to wear.

We have solid colours and floral patterns available that create the perfect complement to any wardrobe. They're also great for a date night with your special someone. In fact, we're confident that you'll love your skirt so much, you'll want to wear it for weekend relaxation. These women's maxi skirts are comfortable and chic, and we guarantee a fresh and versatile look.

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Alexa Christodoulides